Wedding Photography

There is nothing better then a good wedding, apart from being involved in the most special day of the couples lives. They have planned everything from the music, the food, the dress and decorations. So mush energy, love and effort have gone into making everything Perfect, and then its over in a blink of an eye. You have loads of memories inside your head, but you need somebody to capture the atmosphere, the emotions, the love, the parts you missed with the guests. The romantic walk just the two of you alone with the photographer snapping away as you appreciate the silence like a romantic dream. You need these pictures to look back on, they mean so much more then people think in the long run. 


I love capturing all of above, The laughing  the crying, the emotions from getting ready to the honest love and smiles to the celebratory party. I love taking the couple off and exploring the area with its fantastic backdrop and lighting. Taking photographs so personal and meaning that nobody else at the wedding is going to take. Priceless. 


Every wedding is different, every couple is different, what they both like and expect from a photographer is different. 

I like to give my clients the chance to taylor make and design there own photography package. 

I offer 3 standard packages to help people along the way, and these too can be tweaked to just the way you like. You have put so much effort in, you deserve it. 

castle wedding photography