Whether you are buying portrait prints after a photoshoot, guests at a wedding or you would like to purchase some add ons to your existing order, these prices are set for everything unless other wise stated. 

To buy my wall art you add the value of the image with the size print you would like for the final cost.

Finishes are priced at the total cost of the print, size and finish. If you would like to add a finish to a photo package you deduct the single printing price off the product. This can only be done at the time of ordering and not added afterwards. 

All sizes are in INCHES and printing is done at a professional in-lab printers.

Unless you purchase the digital copies of the image via USB I hold the copyright to your pictures so I will not be giving permission for images to be scanned and reprinted or printing off social media sites. 

Prints, Packages & Fine Finishes
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